Wednesday, December 14, 2011


My stellar and wonderful cousin Valerie is helping me get all my family movies together.. old movies going back to the 1940s... most super 8s .. everyone has gotten a kick out of seeeing them.. I started a new blog just for that and have been busy loading film clips and photos up.. have not gotten the photos up yet but working on that...
any ways time to go make the donuts ... ( not literally mind you)


So even though we do not celebrate Christmas you would think we do with the holiday craziness we go through.. part of our family does celebrate Christmas so we have to make sure all gifts are accounted  for there.. then we have the other part that celebrates Chanukah including us.. and make sure those gifts are ready.. this year was a major fail in being organized I usually have all shopping done  by December 1 and all gifts in guest room waiting to be given out.. oh well.. nothing like holiday shopping.. did emergency shopping online last night.. I LOVE AMAZON PRIME!   .. still have a few more gifts to get.. hope all will be pleased.. this years theme was the gift card... yeah I know... not much thought there.. but  a lot less stressful that hemming and hawing about what to get .. how much it costs.. will they like it... will they use it.. etc....
I guess the actual theme is EASY ... lol... well.. got to get on with the day.. hope all is well in your world..