Friday, July 29, 2011


So excited about the upcoming weekend .. lots of family and lots of fun.... the kickoff cookout went famously.. everyone was well fed and happy... waiting for the second wave to come in today my niece and nephew... photos from last night.... and my cousins rockin' cruiser....

The pups where so well behaved last night...

Monday, July 25, 2011


Okay so I suppose that might be a bit blunt.. but since I am living it I figure I can say it too..
When I say living in the fat world , have you witnessed the plethora of  choices out there for Fat folk... reasons to stay the way you are and just accept yourself and not try to change it.. Do I find that wrong.. hmmm I dunno honestly... for me I have to change it..for others they have the attitude they are beautiful as they are .. leave them alone.. take a gander at  all of this stuff.. and make your decision... what I like about some of it.. .is that it actually is geared toward good health... what I don't like about some of it.. it , at least to me comes across that all fat folk need to be coddled and told thats okay you are fine as you are blah blah blah.. In a way I admire some of the outreach.. and in a way.. an activity called CHUNKY DUNKS ( a group in Oregon that rents space at public pools so fat folk can go swim with out feeling uncomfortable.. THANK GOD where I go there are folks of all sizes... tiny ladies.. my size ladies and larger ladies.. I look at some of the women my age who are in good shape and it motivates me.. and does not make me feel bad about myself... I had one come up the other day at the farmers market and say hey water aerobics lady.. while they are doing there class or just starting it I am usually finishing up my stuff.. .. but my point is.. I would be more intimidated going to an event called CHUNKY DUNKS..than just going to my club...  here is the link to things  Plus size yellow pages .... I guess to it depends on what you can afford this may be a great option for some one on a tight budget.. but sometimes i wonder if this does not border on exploitation of  fat people.. or is just that someone found a way to make money .. and the target are fat folks.. or is it simple here are things for fat folk.. I dunno..  just tossing it out there..


Back on two shakes and  lean green meal for dinner... plenty of fresh fruit and veggies and water too.. so that all looks good..
Saw Dr. McBryde he is pleased with the weight loss because that helps the foot, he is pleased with the Forrest Gump GOLD STANDARD old fashioned brace.. in 4 weeks we do an XRAY to determine if there is an improvement  or not.. hoping so.. the pain is pretty tough.. but so am I ... he wants me to take Robuxin or something like that to help with inflamation and just let some of the muscle area relax.. so I might try that since I am off Advil now.

I pray for.....
All I pray for is strength to be honest.. strength in dealing with what stresses me out and encourages me to over eat.. Strength in managing the pain both from the Fibyro and foot..
I pray for strength in things that make me feel less powerful over my life...
I pray for confidence when I feel threatened.
I pray for Patience with not only those around me but in myself as well..
I pray to understand that it iwill take time for my body to heal..

We are on the road to recovery.. next up is PT with Brad to build strength...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Getting ready for the weekend.. yay

Busy working on getting ready for the family reunion coming up starting next Thursday night with a kickoff cook out at our house YAY.. Hamburgers, Hotdogs,  Tortellini Salad , slaw, watermelon, condiments,  beer , soda, water, cookies,  cakes, chips, a few surprises I do not even know about  yet... and over 40 people hanging out and having fun.. We will progress to the hotel on Friday day.. hang out in the hospitality room, then a champagne cocktail hour with all types of flavored champagne ( beats me.. never heard of that before.. should be interesting if you like champagne)  then onto a southern style buffet, then a family history update and how we all came to be via our ancestors to West Blocton, Alabama and migrate to Bham and parts all over the world... Saturday  we are helping host the continental style breakfast at the hotel, with a hearty supply of big muffins, little muffins, croissants,  danish, juice , coffee,  bagels, salmon spread, cream cheese, and butter. and some other assorted surprises.. then folks go on whatever trip they have signed up on.. then we meet back up for   photos , drinks, and a seated dinner , dancing with some assorted surprises... followed by more hospitality room and finally wrapping the reunion up on Sunday morning with a big brunch and family meeting.. and deciding who will host the next reunion in 2 years.. they are hosted every 2 years in various parts of the country .. ending up back in Alabama about every 5th or 6th one.. we expect around 120 people.. so it should be fun.. I kinda chuckle to myself for this is only 1/4th of my family that does this... Looking forward to it..
Getting ready to work on dinner.. Gagutz ( zuchini, tomatos, onions, peppers, simmered together for a couple hours and sprinkled with  fresh Romano Cheese yum...)  and grilled boneless skinless chicken .. Yum
Have a  great weekend~

Thursday, July 21, 2011


SHeesh... very little sleep for me after 3 am ... stupid lightening .. felt like I was at a strobe light convention ... and nothing like rolling thunder to make you happy.. woo hoo.. geez..  then a  60 pound wonder mutt pounds onto the bed.. she does not like the storm.. and has to go out... So all 3 go out .. one does a a quick U turn and runs back to her bed..  one has to be told to go pee.. and the other.. ( the wonder mutt bounds down the steps peruses the yard .. and does her business..  Everyone comes back to bed and she wonders why  a wet blond dog can not resume her place in the master bed.. so we can protect her from the storm... she got a clue that the floor was her bed for the remander of  what should have been sleeping time... hopefully a quieter sleep tonight.. I installed the new operating system for my macbook pro.. love it and just had to tweak the scrolling controls and then it was fine.. still have a lot to learn about what it can do and cant do... 
Today I am back on a shake for breakfast, protien ( string cheese + maybe a piece of fruit) .. Shake for lunch...  bar + fruit and raw veggies for snack and  dinner have not decided yet but some fish ( talipia probably) .. and veggies are on the menu.. my menu is a bit different than steve's ... but I am trying to be as flexible as I can for his sake..  
Otherwise life just goes on... hoping for a break in the rain... 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well was a wee bit disappointed  that Target was a let down in the Biggest Loser arena.. no product what so ever.. Found a couple of frozen meals I like.. and their produce was a amazing and on sale.. so no fresh market needed today..
 The hair cut is super .. the curls are healthy and I am happy.. yay...and that is saying a lot for this humid wacky weather of ours...


Happy Wednesday everyone!... in a little bit I am off to get my hair cut... do some grocery shopping pick up two more globes for the potted plants outside.. and get two warming trays at BBB ..  
Meanwhile I am sitting here sipping my shake  ( my biggest loser chocolate yummy deliciousness shake) ( hey its what I tell myself okay? )   thats lunch.. no muss no fuss ... eat it and get busy.. err drink it and get busy doing whatever you gotta... 
 I  am going to Target to see what Biggest loser products they sell .. there are frozen meals out now I want to check out.. and some variations on shakes and bars i want to see and I saw that Target supposedly sells that..
 I need to do a Walgreen run to actually get the shakes if I can not find them at Target... luckily Fresh Market is right next door and I can get my veggies there.. so that is all good too.,
Attended a meeting today regarding Diabetic eating.. Since Steves sugar was a bit high .. I took this class in hopes to be able to help him better.. I have some great tools and he is going to meet with the nutritionist soon and he is going to start going to the gym with me too.. I just got the okay to start doing upper body training ( YAY) since I am in a leg brace the only thing I can do full and lower body is swim) ... so while he is working with my trainer I can be working on my upper body and then go for a swim.. or have days where I just do upper body and days where I go swimming.. YAY... very pleased...
Well its another sweltering day in Alabama.. going to let my whining pups in.. and give them some love..
Have a great day~

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sigh, nothing like new digs to make writing fresh and new.. I love it!
I decided to go with the soapbox title because...well sometimes I tend to pull  that little crate out and stand on it and bellow my bullshit to the world.. and sometimes I actually have a point and sometimes not so much... 
Hence My Little Soap Box.. where I can bellow away..

 Today I started .. or at least am trying to add a shake for breakfast.. I did well with the shake for lunch for the last week so now I am upping the game.. right now.. I am kinda hungry.. I had the shake about an hour and a half ago..  I am going to wait until 10 30 for the bar.. then have a shake at 12 30.. and at 2 30 have some string cheese and fruit and raw veggies if I am still  hungry... at 4 30 I will probably allow myself some more fruit or raw veggies.. and 630 I will have dinner, One 3 oz boneless skinless chicken breast,  salad with vinaigrette dressing and corn on the cob with spray butter.. I will probably do a skinny cow bar for dessert and fruit later in the evening if I get hungry..

 I am also worried about my sweetheart.. he got his blood work back and his sugar is high so we are really going to work on getting his numbers back with in reason.. it is hard for him since he has had no issues.. now he has to watch it.. but it will be good to partner with him on this journey .. I think it makes him see how hard this all is... and with our big birthdays.. coming up  in 2012.. its time to fix it.. before it all fixes us....

In other news... lets see what pisses me off today... Big Mylar balloons for 10 bucks that have various character faces on them.. cruel for parents.. and annoying to a customer trying to get through the check out line but having to listen to a screaming child.. who wants the damn  10 dollar balloon..

Monday, July 18, 2011


I just saw that on the news and I had to wonder... simply why?   WHY on earth is this needed?  I think there is a point that children do not need to vicariously or otherwise experience things.. there is a point where we do not go to  certain places .  Breastfeeding a wonderful natural way to feed and bond with a baby.. this moment is  between the mother and said child.. Not a 5 year old and plastic... its ridiculous and 60.00 not well spent...