Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Happy Wednesday everyone!... in a little bit I am off to get my hair cut... do some grocery shopping pick up two more globes for the potted plants outside.. and get two warming trays at BBB ..  
Meanwhile I am sitting here sipping my shake  ( my biggest loser chocolate yummy deliciousness shake) ( hey its what I tell myself okay? )   thats lunch.. no muss no fuss ... eat it and get busy.. err drink it and get busy doing whatever you gotta... 
 I  am going to Target to see what Biggest loser products they sell .. there are frozen meals out now I want to check out.. and some variations on shakes and bars i want to see and I saw that Target supposedly sells that..
 I need to do a Walgreen run to actually get the shakes if I can not find them at Target... luckily Fresh Market is right next door and I can get my veggies there.. so that is all good too.,
Attended a meeting today regarding Diabetic eating.. Since Steves sugar was a bit high .. I took this class in hopes to be able to help him better.. I have some great tools and he is going to meet with the nutritionist soon and he is going to start going to the gym with me too.. I just got the okay to start doing upper body training ( YAY) since I am in a leg brace the only thing I can do full and lower body is swim) ... so while he is working with my trainer I can be working on my upper body and then go for a swim.. or have days where I just do upper body and days where I go swimming.. YAY... very pleased...
Well its another sweltering day in Alabama.. going to let my whining pups in.. and give them some love..
Have a great day~

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