Tuesday, January 31, 2012


DAY 3 : alarm went off at 530.. let the dogs out at 5 45.. apparently  some black somebody did not finish HIS business  when he came back in the house... ( he gets very jealous if he hears me calling the girls names and always comes to the door if he hears me calling them.. as i was this morning.. I did not like how close Shayna was to the street..)  he walked into the bedroom.. and I told him to lay on his bed , he refused,  which is normal.. and I did not think anything about it.. I took him by his collar .. showed him his bed.. and at that point.. he... well.. lets just say  .. SHAYNA gave me the most hysterical look and buried her head behind Cookie.. so.. at 5:55 am I was cleaning the carpet and cursing Baz.. Steve says he is senile and can not help it..he is 12 so I guess he could be forgetting where to poop.. .... This obviously was not part of my morning plan....got to the gym by 635 and  did 4.27 miles on the recumbent bike.. I got a lesson afterwards how to properly use the sit down arc trainer .. what to focus on .. where the RPMs need to be and how to place my feet and adjust the seat better.. we also went over the recumbent bike and set goals for RPMs and Heart rate.. so I felt really pleased to be able to be getting a head start on things.

my goals for now on the arc trainer is 65 RPMS  ( i am at 43 for now)
my goals for the recumbent bike are 75 RPMS ( I am on 63 right now)  and when those 2 goals become easy I up it from there.. 

 Wondering if they  ( UAB EAT RIGHT ) are going to encourage me to do Optifast.. I really do not want to go that direction.. and really want to do the Lifestyles program... it would be more cohesive with my life. IF i still were working at the eye doctors office I think I could do it much easier.. besides.I also do not want to stand out at family gatherings.. Food is big in that world too..I would rather eat a healthier meal and make good choices than sip on a shake in front of everyone.. you would have to know the family dynamics to understand that.. I also have failed so many times in front of these people.. and in front of myself most importantly...

Lets face it.. if anyone walked into my downstairs.. they would wonder how come I do not weigh over 500 pounds... we have an upright freezer a regular freezer  2 refrigerators and two smaller freezers loaded and I do mean LOADED with doughs, cakes, donuts, cookies, pies, breads, muffins, cinnamon rolls, elephant ears, whoopie pies, danishes, etc.. in our living area upstairs .. its a different world.. but I am around food 24/7  that is our world and work... so a  extreme restriction in caloric intake... and fasting.. how ever well it may work.. in the long run I feel is going to not be the path for me.. Hopefully they will listen and understand my world.. I want this to be cohesive and work.. I know I am the only one who can make it happen... I can be silent about it and not talk about   doing this... or I can share this like I have a billion times before.. I opt for sharing.. either way its up to me if I succeed or fail.. I can tell you I am a great failure.. I want to be a success with this life  issue.. there are no magic pills.. just paths to follow... and we can simplify it and say... if it does not go in the mouth it does not move south.. or north or east or west.. or we can  say its a struggle.. its a fight.. and its all about how I react to any given situation.. see.. we may not be able to control things around us.. but we can always control how we react.. and that is were things always get dicey for me.. that is what I have to work on.. SO I am back in the saddle again..


Monday, January 30, 2012


I have been perusing blogs lately... have found a lot folks on a great plan doing great etc.. very motivating... and I read responses and comments saw some great "real" support out there... calling people on things that needed comments.. etc... then I mosied over to were there are blogs by people mostly women who have well over 100 pounds to lose... I was hoping for some inspiring stories here and I found a few .. but I also found a lot of condescending bullshit... maybe it is because there is so much weight to be lost.. these ladies feel they can lose it in some pretty weird ways... lets just say .. for the sake of it.. uhmm.. eating what ever they want.. only not eating as much... I wonder how long they can continue eating burgers and fries and milk shakes and continue losing weight...  I wonder why they are not wanting to just make a complete change... there is a saying out there that is so true.. DO WHAT YOU ALWAYS HAVE DONE AND GET WHAT YOU ALWAYS HAVE GOTTEN... 
To really get down to the nitty gritty and really make some life changing shit occur you have to change it up... that means letting certain foods go... and learning about new foods.. that not only fill you up... but are good for your body... I know it might be hard to choose a orange over a milkshake.. but if you strip it down.. what exactly is that milk shake going to do to you? Consuming a milk shake three times a week could add an extra 1,053 to 1,071 calories to your diet. ( this is per livestrong.com)   why do that?   why do some of these people feel so denied if they eat healthy instead... ???  
 I had a big debate with myself recently about doing the Optifast portion of the UAB EAT RIGHT PROGRAM... I had to ask myself some challenging questions and I came to the conclusion that for me .. that program would not work.. but the other programs would... I felt more confident in knowing that  I would be working with a team of people who will help me attain my short and long term goals... 

So why you might ask am I trying again.... ???  I just want to feel better... and with 50 looming.. and 2 weddings come up..  what would it be like to feel better and as a bonus look better... whats the harm in trying again... absolutely nothing.. and the rewards are everlasting... I am tired .. of this me... I have said that many times... so .. I wait with a cautious heart.. hoping that this time.. I finally get  right... trying something NEW... I do not have to wonder about that...

I hope those large folks... who diligently post and post... ( these were new blogs by the way .. people I had never read before)  finally decide to try something new... and I wish .. all of us.. a good healthy journey and a better life... 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

UAB EAT RIGHT testing FEB. 17th

here is the first step   RTM  plus a series of lab work...   here  is another link to the program UABEATRIGHT   once they have their info.. or my info.. then they develop a program made to my body's processing needs.. looking forward to it...  Consistantly cutting back as we speak... this goes hand and hand with  working towards a plant based dominent  diet... 
Will keep you posted as I know more..

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My switcharoo on Israeli Salad

What you need
a bowl
1/2 bag broccoli slaw
a few sprigs of fresh mint (cut up)
a few sprigs of fresh cilantro (cut up)
one bell pepper any color
one cucumber
5 roma tomatos
balsamic vinegar to taste
lemon juice to taste
splash olive oil

Dice up veggies.. ( however you like)
Add everything

I marianated this for 2 days we ate part of it for lunch today it was amazing..  Enjoy!'

Monday, January 23, 2012


GOING... for the RMR and labs on Friday February 17th.. .. then with that info they develope a program for me... deciding what will be the best route for success for me based on how my body processes fats, sugars and proteins...  RMR is Resting Metobolic Rate .. you fast before you go. and you spend about 10 minutes breathing in a tube which is connected to a machine that measures metobolic gases they can tell how you process food via this.. should be an interesting experience... and learning about the lab work too...
Otherwise recovering from storm damage yesterday but not directly.. we did not have a hit.. but fairly closed they did... really  sad...
thats it for now...

Friday, January 20, 2012


HAD  the same arguement , discussion what have you... etc... with my husband... it is painful for me knowing I have let him down repeatedly with my weight issues... I promise fireworks and I deliver fizzles when it comes to this... for 12 years... that is a pretty sucky record... but of course it is far longer than 12 years .. it is the story of my life.... 50 happens for me in a little over 9 months... I wonder what I could accomplish to change myself in that time.. NOT for him but for me... for after all I would be the one extending my life and getting healthy... I can invent and create just about any excuse to stay the same.. and I have... Even with the PTTDS I need to try and make changes and not give in to the pain.. such as I have since September.. granted it does not help being in the food business... but that is an excuse too.. fact is .. no one but me puts the food in my mouth.. i am tired of good intentions... starting with good intention... Time to take some big steps.. for keeps.. tired of saying this as I have done year after year... what better present can i give myself than taking a leap.. making a change.. finding a new perspective.. pain or anything or anyone else be damned... going to call my doc Monday morning to get a referral to the UAB EatRight program... Wish I could do it on my own.. lord knows I have tried.. perhaps I need the routine of going once a week to classes .. the program as several different branches.. you go for your assessment and they advise you on what they think would be your best bet.. Could be Opti fast... could just be the Lifestyles Eatright Program... I have no idea.. but it is time to get the ball rolling.. I am not sure if I have to have the refferal but I am going to call the doctor Monday to find out... the time is now...