Tuesday, November 26, 2013


It is such a simple thought ..how we are all works in progress.....I was setting my Thanksgiving/ Chanukah Tables.. 
When I had that desire to eat a piece of " chocolate gelt" was it because of nostalgia..??? I did not eat it but it serves as a  good reminder we are all works in progress..We make choices each and every day. 

I think food choices especially at holiday times can be so dicey.. You want to be good .. But the memories of MiMis apple pie are intoxicating.. Below are ideas to help us through the holiday food fest... A time of year that is so Foodcentic it can be overwhelming... 

Only you can decide if you will remain on your Program of better Health.. Whatever that is for you... 
If you choose to not stay on your program here are some common sense guidelines ..

MOST IMPORTANTLY FOOD IS NEITHER GOOD OR BAD ..I hate hearing people say I ate bad...nooo you made a choice is all..

1) make your choices and accept all consequences whatever they may be..

2) keep yourself well hydrated.. WATER WATER WATER!!!

3) take a extra walk or 3

4) small portions

5)4 bites.. Of rich foods or dessert ...you really only taste the first and the last bite ..so why all the filler??? 4 bites means small to wellll..small bites not giagantor bites.. 😀

6) enjoy your family and friends..

Monday, November 25, 2013


I am kinda weird this way.. So on Thursday  I always check where I am on the scale.. And Monday is my  official  weigh day .. On Thursday I was 159.2 and today 160 ..still lost 2 pounds which is great but what I find so odd is , this is HOW I am losing weight.! all of my loses are lower on the Thursday check and always up .2 .3 or. 4 by Monday .. It's so bizarre it's like my body says oppsy. Too much loss for this week ..let's take it up a few ounces... There is no eating differences ..nothing ever changes that I do..it's totally my body...I am not complaining  mind you .. I just think it's bizarre lol... So everything is working perfectly.. But  I found it interesting to note the trending of how my body works... So I am down 45.8 pounds since July... Looking forwards to 50...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013





Are people so unable to control themselves that a device like this would seem plausible... seriously.. I am just taken aback..  you might say how is this different from a lap band or other bariatric surgery...  this device is basically a DUMP for excess food... so your body will not consume it... instead of controlling what goes in your mouth .. you are dumping it out of your stomach into a device that is dumped into the toilet... 

 I have great empathy for folks that go the route of bariatric surgery they are really trying to accomplish something ... and in many cases learn something..
There are no magic pills ever... Weight loss is about perseverance not escapism.. its about effort and hard work... no the easy way out...   .. well I guess it is all about supply and demand... I am sure there are going to be more folks out there excited about this device than not... I personally find it sad...

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Even though I am no longer morbidly obese , and one day I will just be overweight according to the BMI chart.. I am ok with that. For me.. Just like following MF was the right choice for me..each of us has to choose our path.. In my thoughts it is what ever works with you that is important.. Something must click.. This clicked for me...  It takes hard work and dedication..no great change in your life is ever easy. I have been planning for my future now..so when I start transition.. I am ready for that phase of my life to unroll...I know that the want of eating will always be there.. The want being ..eating what ever I WANT...for me the desire of choice is stronger ..and the ordinary is no longer for me.. I want extraordinary..  I am planning for all I can plan for.. I told Steve that one day when I make the choice to indulge in something..it has to be extraordinary... I hear so many people say ..ohhhh well...I NEVER  indulge .. I never eat anything extra... Wow ...I guess I should salute you or something but to me that attitude is the attitude that always left me morbidly obese... Being militant always led to failure for Me.. So as I introduce more of a variety 
Of food back into my life I plan on leaving room for an extraordinary indulgence along the way... For now...my only crave I have is for a juicy tart and sweet apple... I believe if you map out a game plan .. It makes life easier along the way..  

All journeys are different  this is the journey that works for me... I would never reccomend this route unless a person was  at the end of choices... 

Its not easy taking the first step nor is it easy taking each additional step..  learning along the way has helped me greatly...  

People are asking me how I am doing this ... why am I doing this...  so I tell them my story... and I tell them them try other routes.. ..  
 I can relate to most of the stories I have heard too... 
A common question I get is what is  next... what happens after the 5 and 1 .. I tell them I am learning about transistion so I can be prepared... I also tell them I do not know whats next... I do know that the obesity monster lies with in... and I will always have to deal with it... but as with everything else in life... this too is a choice...  I would hope that i would not put myself through this and then decide to go off the deep end... I seriously doubt I would...  .. 

 I think the obesity conversation will be with me always .. no matter what my weight...  I think its important to look forward and plan but its always important to to remember where you came from.. and the steps you took to change your world... 

Monday, November 11, 2013


I can see 50 now 40 is gone..
I am finally seeing the sunny dawn..
Body is changing now getting stronger each day
I am prepared for obstacles in my way..

Gonna keep going strong 
No other choice
It is really a good thing you can't hear my voice ( lol) ..

Realizing the changes and such 
Seeing goals come alive means so much..

Okay ok .. Enough with destroying I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW THE RAIN IS GONE...
Feeling kinda puny today  bad cold ..sore ears ..and scratchy throat.. But will persevere none the less...

So blessed to have such a rock solid support system too.. 

What I have learned along the way is this: it is achievable ...anything you want to accomplish can be done !! 

Just glad to be past the 40 pound mark and working towards the 50 pound goal..

Say a prayer for me Please.. I will be saying a prayer for you too!!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

12 years ago today

12 years ago today at approx. 235 pm I was sitting at my desk at work and received the phone call ever person fears , My parents had been in a horrible car accident .. We  got to the hospital ~ Reality set on As the words " I am so sorry but there was nothing we could do for your father .. You need to tell your mother " were said to me and Steve .....hard to believe it's been that long ago.. Today I  am grateful for time, compassion and strength ...The time I had with my dad, the compassion that was shown to me during this difficult healing time..  The trooper who put his arm around me and offered his condolences as he handed me dad's things and the EMT who waited to talk to me  afterwards and assured me that dad never suffered..And the strength my Steve gave me so I could do all that needed to be done, We miss you and love you Dad!

Friday, November 8, 2013


Today I am thankful for  challenges and the ability to change. Each of us has the power to change what ever our circumstances ..it is simply about taking the first step..using challenges and  excuses as stepping stones rather than brick walls.. Exploring our creative depths to find a way to make the proverbial "it" happen~ Today I have lost over 40 pounds because I took the first step..I still have a long way to go but now there are no more excuses just stepping stones...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


SO .. I am at the 39.8 mark  almost 40 pounds...  thats good real good..
It has been a week of compliments galore.. so thats also good... People are asking my advice .. what I am doing etc.... So I tell my story... my rather lame story... It was no epithany ... just a simple conversation that got me started...  
Would I reccomend this program to anyone else... well....   thats a very debateable question..
I feel to do TSFL you have to want something bigger than food.... You have to want to invest in yourself.. for the rest of your life... and you must ... must be prepared that this is a lifestyle change... not just a quick fix to a lifelong problem... The solution will be ongoing and moldable as I continue on... I have a goal... and I will reach it.. and then I have the hardest task of a lifetime : to maintain with in 5 pounds of that goal...  I have thought about  this long and hard... will I just stay on the TSFL program.. will I switch to WW to maintain .. will I do a vairant of both... hmmm I really dont know.. My friend who is a dietician said I can come and see her on a regular basis so she can help me monitor myself... thats an option too... and in the beginning I think I am going to take her up on that ... but for now.. its 5 and 1 all the way ..

The horror stories I have heard.. of people going thru bariatric surgery only to gain half if not more of their weight back.. because they never learned the foundementals of good eating... or as TSFL says  Optimal Health and learning those keys to that.

 I am glad I went on this path.... it is not easy.. what it takes is tenacity ... the desire to want a healthier life as opposed to something unhealthy to eat..  what it takes.. is strength...  Strength of spirit and self... What it takes is the decision that you want to change... whatever path it takes... the desire to change overrides everything else..