Monday, November 25, 2013


I am kinda weird this way.. So on Thursday  I always check where I am on the scale.. And Monday is my  official  weigh day .. On Thursday I was 159.2 and today 160 ..still lost 2 pounds which is great but what I find so odd is , this is HOW I am losing weight.! all of my loses are lower on the Thursday check and always up .2 .3 or. 4 by Monday .. It's so bizarre it's like my body says oppsy. Too much loss for this week ..let's take it up a few ounces... There is no eating differences ..nothing ever changes that I's totally my body...I am not complaining  mind you .. I just think it's bizarre lol... So everything is working perfectly.. But  I found it interesting to note the trending of how my body works... So I am down 45.8 pounds since July... Looking forwards to 50...

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