Monday, November 11, 2013


I can see 50 now 40 is gone..
I am finally seeing the sunny dawn..
Body is changing now getting stronger each day
I am prepared for obstacles in my way..

Gonna keep going strong 
No other choice
It is really a good thing you can't hear my voice ( lol) ..

Realizing the changes and such 
Seeing goals come alive means so much..

Okay ok .. Enough with destroying I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW THE RAIN IS GONE...
Feeling kinda puny today  bad cold ..sore ears ..and scratchy throat.. But will persevere none the less...

So blessed to have such a rock solid support system too.. 

What I have learned along the way is this: it is achievable ...anything you want to accomplish can be done !! 

Just glad to be past the 40 pound mark and working towards the 50 pound goal..

Say a prayer for me Please.. I will be saying a prayer for you too!!!

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