Friday, January 20, 2012


HAD  the same arguement , discussion what have you... etc... with my husband... it is painful for me knowing I have let him down repeatedly with my weight issues... I promise fireworks and I deliver fizzles when it comes to this... for 12 years... that is a pretty sucky record... but of course it is far longer than 12 years .. it is the story of my life.... 50 happens for me in a little over 9 months... I wonder what I could accomplish to change myself in that time.. NOT for him but for me... for after all I would be the one extending my life and getting healthy... I can invent and create just about any excuse to stay the same.. and I have... Even with the PTTDS I need to try and make changes and not give in to the pain.. such as I have since September.. granted it does not help being in the food business... but that is an excuse too.. fact is .. no one but me puts the food in my mouth.. i am tired of good intentions... starting with good intention... Time to take some big steps.. for keeps.. tired of saying this as I have done year after year... what better present can i give myself than taking a leap.. making a change.. finding a new perspective.. pain or anything or anyone else be damned... going to call my doc Monday morning to get a referral to the UAB EatRight program... Wish I could do it on my own.. lord knows I have tried.. perhaps I need the routine of going once a week to classes .. the program as several different branches.. you go for your assessment and they advise you on what they think would be your best bet.. Could be Opti fast... could just be the Lifestyles Eatright Program... I have no idea.. but it is time to get the ball rolling.. I am not sure if I have to have the refferal but I am going to call the doctor Monday to find out... the time is now...

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