Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sigh, nothing like new digs to make writing fresh and new.. I love it!
I decided to go with the soapbox title because...well sometimes I tend to pull  that little crate out and stand on it and bellow my bullshit to the world.. and sometimes I actually have a point and sometimes not so much... 
Hence My Little Soap Box.. where I can bellow away..

 Today I started .. or at least am trying to add a shake for breakfast.. I did well with the shake for lunch for the last week so now I am upping the game.. right now.. I am kinda hungry.. I had the shake about an hour and a half ago..  I am going to wait until 10 30 for the bar.. then have a shake at 12 30.. and at 2 30 have some string cheese and fruit and raw veggies if I am still  hungry... at 4 30 I will probably allow myself some more fruit or raw veggies.. and 630 I will have dinner, One 3 oz boneless skinless chicken breast,  salad with vinaigrette dressing and corn on the cob with spray butter.. I will probably do a skinny cow bar for dessert and fruit later in the evening if I get hungry..

 I am also worried about my sweetheart.. he got his blood work back and his sugar is high so we are really going to work on getting his numbers back with in reason.. it is hard for him since he has had no issues.. now he has to watch it.. but it will be good to partner with him on this journey .. I think it makes him see how hard this all is... and with our big birthdays.. coming up  in 2012.. its time to fix it.. before it all fixes us....

In other news... lets see what pisses me off today... Big Mylar balloons for 10 bucks that have various character faces on them.. cruel for parents.. and annoying to a customer trying to get through the check out line but having to listen to a screaming child.. who wants the damn  10 dollar balloon..

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