Monday, July 25, 2011


Okay so I suppose that might be a bit blunt.. but since I am living it I figure I can say it too..
When I say living in the fat world , have you witnessed the plethora of  choices out there for Fat folk... reasons to stay the way you are and just accept yourself and not try to change it.. Do I find that wrong.. hmmm I dunno honestly... for me I have to change it..for others they have the attitude they are beautiful as they are .. leave them alone.. take a gander at  all of this stuff.. and make your decision... what I like about some of it.. .is that it actually is geared toward good health... what I don't like about some of it.. it , at least to me comes across that all fat folk need to be coddled and told thats okay you are fine as you are blah blah blah.. In a way I admire some of the outreach.. and in a way.. an activity called CHUNKY DUNKS ( a group in Oregon that rents space at public pools so fat folk can go swim with out feeling uncomfortable.. THANK GOD where I go there are folks of all sizes... tiny ladies.. my size ladies and larger ladies.. I look at some of the women my age who are in good shape and it motivates me.. and does not make me feel bad about myself... I had one come up the other day at the farmers market and say hey water aerobics lady.. while they are doing there class or just starting it I am usually finishing up my stuff.. .. but my point is.. I would be more intimidated going to an event called CHUNKY DUNKS..than just going to my club...  here is the link to things  Plus size yellow pages .... I guess to it depends on what you can afford this may be a great option for some one on a tight budget.. but sometimes i wonder if this does not border on exploitation of  fat people.. or is just that someone found a way to make money .. and the target are fat folks.. or is it simple here are things for fat folk.. I dunno..  just tossing it out there..

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