Monday, July 25, 2011


Back on two shakes and  lean green meal for dinner... plenty of fresh fruit and veggies and water too.. so that all looks good..
Saw Dr. McBryde he is pleased with the weight loss because that helps the foot, he is pleased with the Forrest Gump GOLD STANDARD old fashioned brace.. in 4 weeks we do an XRAY to determine if there is an improvement  or not.. hoping so.. the pain is pretty tough.. but so am I ... he wants me to take Robuxin or something like that to help with inflamation and just let some of the muscle area relax.. so I might try that since I am off Advil now.

I pray for.....
All I pray for is strength to be honest.. strength in dealing with what stresses me out and encourages me to over eat.. Strength in managing the pain both from the Fibyro and foot..
I pray for strength in things that make me feel less powerful over my life...
I pray for confidence when I feel threatened.
I pray for Patience with not only those around me but in myself as well..
I pray to understand that it iwill take time for my body to heal..

We are on the road to recovery.. next up is PT with Brad to build strength...

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