Friday, October 14, 2011

New Bone Doctor New SHOES!!!!

I like him... and I am so excited .. we are heading out in a little bit and I am getting my first new pair of real shoes in over a year... I have to get a hiking boot style shoe with good ankle support.. I have to use my inserts... and can do short walks in the new shoes and alternate between the leg brace and the new shoes now.. and NO wheelchair Next week.. YAY!!!  Speaking of inserts..
 I wanted to get a new pair of orthotics too however BCBS has other ideas and says my diagnosis is not valid for a second pair  for 2011 ( actually third pair in all)   apparently the new agreement states that I am only eligible every 24 months for 80/20 coverage on new orthotics.. which is the difference between 64.00 and 380.00 .. soooo.. I will wait...   yet again for that and make do with the one pair that are correct that I use now and just alternate them between shoes...

So thrilled about no Wheel chair next week... I can start trying to walk like everyone else. and Disney is certainly in my very near future  YAY...... how EXCITED AM I  YAY.. I can also officially ride the recumbent bike sans brace  now.. so one day is swimming and one day is bike.. YAY... things are finally looking up ... both new gyn and the bone doctor said for me to give it about 3 or 4 months to really start feeling like myself again.. but I just feel so much better knowing that the pathway I am on his finally not blocked and things are good.. new shoes have made me very happy....  I am so easy to please.... I see some great riding on the motorcycle this weekend... some veggie chili making.... a lot of outside time.. yay...  wishing you a great weekend too!


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