Thursday, October 6, 2011


WOW we have been so slammed at work.. non stop crazy.. finally a minute to write for myself... I hate that it is sporadic but frankly after spending all day on the pc or mac .. I want to be off of it and get up and do things.. and that is exactly what I do.. if you want to keep up with me more regularly just friend me on Facebook.. Otherwise I check in here as often as I can... I admire those that can post every day  if not more... I just do the best i can..  Same old same old in our world.. working hard through the holiday season... had a great lunch.. tomato salad, pizza ( tomato and basil ) veggie burger by Morning star ... and a diet Seirra Mist Cranberry Splash I LOVE THOSE seasonal drinks.. 

TIme to go get busy again...

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