Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Having to deal with chronic pain makes one think of ways to either drug themselves out so they do not have to feel.. or Stand up.. Take charge and find something that works with out drug intervention..
I have gone the drug path.. and it was a disaster..that was a couple years ago.. Most often I just suck it up and move on.. but sometimes the pain just screams.. I try not to listen to it.. but the ear ringing can drive me bonkers.. the ringing in my ears is related to the Fibro I believe as well the IBS and the other side issues I deal with when I have a flair up  It can be very depressing...
Recently I have decided to take the depression and turn it around.. in other words.. why let the dark cloud take over.. why not just take charge.. even if it is not the norm. I have been exploring other forms of treatment for my PTTS. as well as my Fibro. since my orthopedic doctor is moving on and I have to start over anyway.. he wants to send me to a doctor he likes.. which is fine however I would basically be starting over treating my foot.  but I wonder if going the way of a physiatrist (a medical doctor who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) .. might be a good path.... so I am not sure but its  something I will explore. I find it  interesting because here is one doctor that can treat all of my chronic pain from the PTTS to the chest wall pain to the Fibromyalgia.
Our Dinner was great last night.. baked potatoes with vegetarian Chili spooned on top.. yum.. I added a little fat free Greek yogurt to give it a more creamy texture and sprinkled a little 2%  shredded cheddar cheese on it.. absolutely wonderful.. and very filling... its kinda strange in that we have found we eat more types of what would be considered Starches  and a lot more fruit and vegetables...than ever before yet we are losing weight.. I guess all this whole grain , whole food ... plant based goodness is true.. if you follow it.. and again  it is not easy.. Its hard to pass up all the other stuff.. but sometimes feeling better outweighs something that might taste good for a few seconds.. I am also exploring foods that reduce inflammation.. that may be a lot of hokem I do not know yet.. but supposedly you can eat certain things that help reduce inflammation.. ..
Well time to get into the world and start working..  Protein shake  for breakfast and apple for mid morning snack and water through out the day.. coming up.. not sure about lunch..
 Oh one thing i wanted to share...  I was at the store and noticed aside from regular vegetarian frozen fair .. Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice are venturing into the market.. here is some info I found:
VEGGIE CUISINE  and some photos

I bought the Tuscan Style Lasagna to try for lunch one day... Sometimes these products are hit or miss will let you know what I think when I try it.
Have a great day !

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