Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We watched a phenomenal documentary the other evening called Forks over Knives... FORKSOVERKNIVES website . the website is a good place to peruse and read about the doc, as well as read about the doctors who did this documentary.. It makes you think about what you eat and what it does to your body and how you can turn food into medicine .. let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food said Hippocrates ... They discuss living on a plant based diet and how it can reverse and stop heart disease and many other aliments that are masked and not cured with medications.. How we eat and what we eat is carefully examined I highly recommend this documentary .. you find even find it on Netflix now..
Steve and I are researching this heavily and are contemplating me going for one of the sessions at Dr. Mcdougalls clinic to learn more and really get started on a totally different way of life... for now though I am reading all I can and reading the recommended books  so i can learn about this.. it would be a tremendous change.. There are plenty of videos to watch on all the doctors websites.. and I am going through those now.. Dr. Caldwell has a very strict program, and so does Dr Esseltyn... Dr. Mcdougall has a very user friendly site as well as providing a list of good foods  to eat .. he is also the one with the clinic and his program is a bit easier to follow and to me seems the most reasonable way to start... Former President Bill Clinton lost all his weight and improved his heart health with  Dr. Dean Ornish as well as Dr. Esselstyn and Dr. Campbell.. its a whole new way of eating and one that deserves some  attention.. I have never looked at being a Vegan until I  started exploring all of this.
I have had  Migraine symptoms since Thursday due to a new pill  the gyn wanted me to try .. BIG DISASTER I am now on the original pill hopefully I will get back to normal soon..i do not like changing things when everything is going smoothly even my internist thought it was a bit wrong to take me off of what was working fine..
Life goes on...
Here is a link to Recipes from Dr.MCDougall the cooking program instructor is Alex Bury


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