Friday, September 2, 2011


The  hot wrap up of summer brings to mind two favorite recipes.. 
We enjoyed both for dinner last night and have plenty of the tunafish to enjoy for the next day or two..

The first recipe is for my tunafish salad...
I have finally come up with a great recipe I am really enjoying and so does everyone I share it with..
 Tuna fish Salad
4 cans white albacore tuna packed in water  
half   Red or Orange pepper
half sweet (preferably Vidalia) onion coarsely chopped
1  heaping tablespoon minced roasted garlic ( I use a jar brand) 
Light helmans or Kraft Mayo.. in this house we do not like the flavor of fat free.
1 large stalk celery coarsly chopped
heaping dollop of sweet relish
a dash of pepper
1 tablespoon smart balance olive oil spread


 Saute on medium heat  chopped onion and garlic with tablespoon of smart balance olive oil spread.

while onions and garlic saute

DRAIN the Tuna WELL!
Put tuna in a bowl  toss and break up big pieces  
add relish, pepper, dash of pepper, celery

after onions and garlic are a nice semi translucent  or even crispy a little bit ( if you like it that way) 
add to mixture .. toss well... add Mayo and Mix well be sure the tuna is nice and flaked...  be sure and use just enough mayo to hold it all together.. no need to over use the mayo... you just want the mayo as the glue factor...  Less is more... 
Let get chilled and enjoy
the next day  it even gets better  YUM!   

Caprise Salad light

1 pint grape or cherry tomatos  rinsed
5 sticks light  string   cheese sliced up
splash olive oil
splash balsamic vinegar
fresh Basil about 4 or 5 large leaves  coarsely cut

In bowl  add tomatos,  and other ingredients ..use just enough olive oil and balsamic vinegar to taste.. i love balsamic vinegar so I use a good splash..
This sald needs to be chilled and served... 
* because the cheese is not full fat mozzeralla  it will not be as moist... and really only holds up for the one serving.. buts a a very tasty salad..
Enjoy and have a great Labor day weekend..

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