Saturday, September 10, 2011


FOR  a week now We have been researching  the Forks over Knives programs.. and reviewing each of the doctors plans.... the jest is eating Plant based foods.. Whole foods.. NO meat, NO Dairy , No Animal Fat and in  a couple of the plans no OIL whatsoever not even olive oil...  the two easist plans to follow are the Engine 2  plan and Dr. Mcdougalls plan.. they allow for the most variety and creativity in the kitchen and explain in easier terms what to eat and what not to eat... lots of recipes as well.. and shopping in places like Costco Walmart and Publix and going to Specialty stores like health food based stores as needed for certain but not neccessary product... so its a bit easier to follow.. It will be a a HUGE HUGE HUGE thing for Steve to stop eating meat... its how he grew up, he was a butcher growing up... and meat was all 3 meals in some form... since we have been together he eats a lot less meat... and since he had prostate cancer even less.. so I am hoping as we come up with meat substitutes he adapts.. all though he said  that every now and then he will have to have a steak... I know how he feels giving up Dairy is a MASSIVE thing for me... but for both of us a lot of the substitutes so far we like.. Steve loves Lentils... I love soy based products like light soy milk.. ... the week after next ( after the 3 food shows this week) .. we are  going to cut out the meat.. , Steve is not ready to give up fish or chicken yet... but he said he would.. eventually ... He does not want to jump 1000 percent into it and then quit.. we both know thats how we would do it and have had to stop ourselves from jumping right in and being obssessed with it.. .we are eliminating things   so far white bread is gone, so far meat is has been cut out by 3/4ths... chicken and fish are still there... most cheese is gone ( THAT IS HUGE) and we are looking for soy replacements for that as well..  instead of snacking on chips today we snacked on cauliflower with a special homemade light dressing.. . I love that Dr. Mcdougall gives you a list of foods to use.. to help you... and most are foods you can find anywhere... This is a huge serious step for us... to totally change our way of eating and be in the food business selling items that are .. less than healthy.. but this is something that is very livable and can be done... I dont know if we will ever go to the extreme end of the program..Nothing that has a mother, or eyses , no dairy, no fat whatsoever, no Nuts,  we might .. but for now. the other  2 programs are pretty intense.. and that is  going to be our starting part.. Steve has said he would like to be totally on board  no meat at all by  next spring... that means no chicken or fish either... its easier for me because I really like the idea of a vegan way of eating... simply because I feel better.. ... ..we shall see where this takes us....

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