Monday, December 30, 2013

Faith 2014

So it was simple really   Stayed on plan.. ( like always) limited allowable extras .. Alternated higher carb days with lower ones.. Drank my water and found extra ways to get more in.. Lost a solid pound .. 157 .. 48.8 pounds have left this body.. Solidly... Now it's time for 25 more to leave and not return as well.. 

It has been a long road since that June day when I decided that after our vacation I would start to attempt to change my life on July 8..
Time is going to pass no matter if you stay the same or make changes in your life..
It is so easy to let that time pass..but when you finally decide to work to release a burden be it weight or whatever .. There is a sense of pride in yourself.. Of remembering that no matter what your age you can do or be or change what you want. 
Faith is that same belief in yourself that you can achieve things ..
Strength is going forward each day and handling any obstacle that comes your way.. Be it the well meaning friend or family member who tells you not to lose anymore weight..or giving you baked goods for the holidays ..Strength is saying thank you and doing what needs to be done in your life..strength is also passing those baked goods on to others that can eat that.. For knowing your weaknesses and removing anything that encourages those weaknesses is a tool in creating that strength..
I am so glad I gave myself this chance .. 
I hope that with faith and strength in yourself you will discover you still
Have the power to change ..
Happy 2014 may it be a year of Good health and Positive change for you!!! 

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