Wednesday, January 1, 2014


 Make this a true new year by challenging yourself to change the things you need to change !! Why ride the tide..and just continue on a mundane road when you can create something better for yourself.. 
It is anything and Everything.. That business that you have wanted to start.. Give it have a great idea ..take it to the next level! .. You want to change something at your current job.. You want to create something ????? Something more...wellllll you know this tag line...JUST DO IT!!! 
We all have the Routine we have to do to survive...that is a fact... But you can still create a change a challenge to make a personal difference in your life... There is a new job opportunity for you????? Take it... If you see an opportunity ...try it...make this life what you need it to be.. Contentment is great.. Comfort zones are good... But pushing out of those zones whatever they are can be invigorating...

Let's talk Health... Because that is my Challenge. If you are morbidly obese..( you know it if you are) if you are unhealthy... ( you know that too) You can change that ..find the steps that work for you ... If you love your body no matter what your size .....that's great..but I have one question for you?? Does your size limit your life???? If so...perhaps you might want to rethink things..... No one should be limited by their girth.. That is something that can be fixed.. It's one of the few things in life can control... While it's far easier to just stay the same each year ... Why not create an adventure ...??? Do one thing different..strive to become the best Version of you ..there is...
Wishing you a happy and all around blessed new year!!

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