Monday, February 24, 2014


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Here are my thoughts :

1 I have destroyed 53 pounds
2 it started June 2013 with a tiny conversation on FB
3 my largest weight was 211
4 Thank God I did not have to start at 211
5 I weighed 205.8
6 It began July 8 th 2013
7 It was a giant leap of Faith
8 I am using Tools to Get There
9 TSFL/ MEDIFAST. is my arsenal of choice.
10 I have climbed 5 mountains ( figuratively)
11 I have seen 5 peaks ( figuratively )
12 I have increased my endurance ( literally )
13 My body is stronger
14 My body is better
15 Fibro pain is worse
16 I still crave things
17 It is not easy
18 It never will be easy
19 If it were easy it would not be a real accomplishment
20 I do not believe in the whole Experience
21 I am taking and using what works for me in my real world life
22 I am planning for my future
23 I finally understand carbohydrates
24 What I am doing works for me it is a tool to get to a goal
25 I have learned that eating 6 small meals a day works for me..
26 I have learned that eventually I can also eat in moderation
27 I am proud of myself
28 Though I do not want to be a health coach I hope I can inspire at least one person to find their path to better health
29 I do not believe that being morbidly obese can be healthy... I know that statement will piss a lot of folks off but the proven FACT time and time again that  research shows is  morbid obesity can lead to many life threatening illnesses in the long run..
30 I am fixing  something that can be fixed
31 I can change my story
32 exercise is not evil and can be incorporated in daily activity .
33 There is no age limit to better health
34 the only time to quit trying to better yourself is when you are in that final box..
35 when the final box comes...  I WILL SLIDE IN SIDEWAYS SCREAMING WHAT A RIDE!!!!
36 My internal organs are thankful
37 there are no guarantee
38 Variety in clothing is okay by me
39 More energy
40 Creative ideas with recipes
41 Some successes and some failures with those recipes
42 I really like Kale
43 I really like all new veggies I have tried
44 I like that I take up less mass
45 Sometimes I run my hand along my backside and wonder where most of my butt went
46  There is still plenty of butt to be gone
47  I really do have bones
48  I thought a certain bone was a tumor because I never had felt it before
49  The fibro not improving is still a mystery however I am striking it up to the fact that I am much  more active
50  That was  AMAZING  to cross the 50 threshold
51  Slow and steady now
52  Pride and confidence are two good things to have
53.. the Mountain is high  I weigh  153 now and am proud of that.. its been a very long journey..

1 SO here I am ...
2  slow and steady
3 The mountain is oh so high  but I have scaled 5 other mountains  so shall I scale my final two
4 The valley and plateau are  boring and repetitive but that's okay.. 
5  I will get there
6 I still believe I can
7  Time will pass
8 I want to see the 140s and finally the 130s  
9 I want my body to settle in the 130s   132 to be exact..
10  It seems so far away
11 I have no idea why I am determined to get to 132
12  My doctor likes that idea
13 The last time I saw him he was impressed with my success... over the moon to be exact.
14 I am glad I am not a statistic anymore
15 I pray I will never be a statistic
16 here is my one strange goal no one knows about... In one year after I reach my goal weight I want to register to be eligible for this program   NATIONAL WEIGHT LOSS REGISTRY
17 I Wonder what the final mountain will feel like
18 I wonder what I will feel like
19 I plan on following a course of action to keep my weight off and stable..
20 I am learning through these plateaus that I can maintain weight...
21 the scale is only a tool and I am never the sum of my pounds..


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