Saturday, February 8, 2014


She visited today right around 445 pm.. See I eat on a schedule ... Every morning 
every afternoon.   Every evening....
Every day around 330  or 430 I have MF shake.. Or a chewy bar .. It's my routine.. Today things were off a a bit ..because we went out ..I took some MF pretzels with me.. Had those while we were out.. Came home 3 hours later and made a a MF Mac cheese pizza.. 
That was at 330.. I was okay at the time ..knowing I would not get my sweet afternoon fix.. My husband went out... I was alone and struck with her ..
for something SWEET...
here is what you must know about me..we are in the food business in our test area downstairs I have pies, cookies, cakes.. Bread.. Pastries galore.. Samples for our buyers.. Ample samples... I have never binged with that food because I have not binged in years.. However THE CRAVE..was so demanding I thought about walking downstairs .. I thought about a pastry.. I could have done that and only I would know.. 1 maybe 2..... No amount of protein or veggies would shut her up.. I knew that .... and she clearly said  to me.. Hey ..Honi it would be our little secret... .. 

I remembered something my diabetic husband taught himself and apparently me... 

Stop.. Think.. Make a hot drink.. 

So I popped  a coffee into the Kuerig.. And added some sugar free chocolate creamer .. A little sweetener.. And stirred it up ..
 I sipped on that for a while..
.until she was gone and I could rebolt that door... 
I told my husband what happened .. And you know what he said.. He said he was proud of me...and he knew exactly how I felt... Because he goes through that too...he reminded me that once I wean off the 5 and 1 .. I will have to learn these tricks to help myself.... 
Sometimes giving in to a alternative  treat is okay... 
Sometimes refocusing a thought process  will work.. 

Oddly I still felt a bit like a failure to myself that I could not conquer that desire for something sweet..but I am also proud of my alternative I chose..

Then I remembered I am not a failure to myself I am a warrior.. Conquering old habits and creating new experiences...sometimes able to just say STOP  THINK   CHALLENGE myself .. 
Other times finding an alternative to push THE CRAVE ..
 back out of my life.... 

What do you do when THE CRAVE visits you...???

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