Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I can say I usually tell it shut up..

Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia can make you think that way...
I know far too many people who have given in to their pain and are either bed bound or so loopy they barely function from all the pain killers they are on..

I decided a long time ago that would not be  path... I decided that the medications do not work and I do not like how they feel..
I decided even at my heaviest I was just going to live .. and do the best I could.. after all the pain could not get worse..


Even with the weight loss the pain has gotten worse.. much worse.. but I just deal with the day and do the best I can..

Some days are like today..
Aqua Zumba
Lunch ( photo below)
and just Living...

Some days are slower..
A little work
feeling crappy
A little more work
Fighting to get through the day..
Remembering to breath and just deal with it..

So .. most of the time I tell my body to SHUSH... and go on..
Saturday I started listening to my body when it started reacting to the medifast food I had been living on for the last 7 months... My body was  gagging... stomach aches.. nausea .. I started going back to old menus where I had great success.. still the same reaction.. feeling horrible..

Sunday I ate  Fresh, and whole foods.. real food.. Sunday .. I was not sick.. I had energy .. We rode 150 miles on the motorcycle with out stopping for a break..

I listened to her... now  on Thursday I am going to have metabolic testing to see how alive my metabolism is .. and what food I should be eating to help promote the rest of my journey to a healthy weight.. I am meeting with a dietician to basically come up with a individualized plan to finish the weight loss and get on the newest road of maintaining better health..

I will apparently always be burdened with my pain..

But .. I am in charge... well.. actually my body is in charge...

and I listened...

I  can not get over how much better I feel ..

Day three .. and things are going well..

I am also prepared for a little weight gain on Thursday do to increasing my carbs a bit and introducing different foods. The dietician said that is a possibility so don't freak out.. just give it time...

I liked that she asked me "what I wanted from her"   It gave me a chance to think for a minute and say.. I just want to create a individualize program for me.. of menus , foods
We will come up with a more accurate idea of Calories / Carbs/ Fats/ Sugars too.. for me based on how my body works..

For now:
Keeping the Carbs at about 100
Keeping the Calories at about 1000
Keeping the Sugar and Fat down too..

The dietician said this last haul is going to be a lot of work.. and a lot of finding out what my body will process  the best..
We shall see how this little science experiment goes..
Overall so far I am feeling much better  and that makes me happy..

So .. the question for you is ..


Had a  Egg Scramble " for lunch today ..

Fresh kale
a little sweet onion
red pepper
then I added 3/4 a cup egg beaters
and a small handful of 2% cheeses
seasoned it up.. and it was delightful..  good protein and veggies ..

Veggies sautéed prior to adding egg and cheese 

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