Friday, March 7, 2014


I  do not think that defining success is based on one moment... I think its all the billions of little moments that build up ... to that moment where you realize you are accomplishing your goals.... in each of those billions of moments... you are doing something.. to insure you are moving in the right direction.   that to me defines success..

Some people associate success by  reaching a set goal.. and they are steadfast that you have to reach that goal otherwise you are a failure... So success to them is something hard  , square and defined..

I like to think of success as flexible.. as ever changing.. as moldable to the moment you are in... for isn't each day that you get up.. breath.. move .. and live .. a success..

For many people... success is just defined by the numbers on the scale..  they do not look at other tools... for fate be damned if that scale has not moved 3-5 pounds then they are a failure... they do not look at the way they feel.. they do not look at how their body has changed.. they look at the numbers..

 During the course of my journey a very hard lesson for me has been that weight loss is not just about the numbers on the scale... you see .. the human body is flexible.. its ever changing .. so naturally with in each day .. each hour even.. those numbers  can fluctuate...

It is important to look at other things... the overall way you feel.. the way your body moves now compared to how it did 7 months ago... the way your clothes fit...
the confidence instilled now that you are on your way..  these things in and of themselves are also successes..

 I decided that I needed to break the last 19 pounds down.. 
So right now I only have 10 pounds to lose.. after that has left the building I will have 9 pounds left to my goal..
I decided if I broke the last 19 pounds down.. it made seem like a much smaller mountain to climb...

I know for many of my friends.. 19 pounds of fat is equivalent to  3 pounds... for they are on  much more mountainous  journeys than me... WHEN I AM DONE  I will have lost 73.8 pounds...  that amount for many of my friends .. is just their beginning.. So sometimes.. I feel a little selfish when I talk about my goals... but the reality is this.... my 73.8 pound total  ( when I get there).. is equivalent to their 150-200 or more weight loss.. because.. its my journey...

So I journey on... I aim towards my next success in the billions of  moments ahead... next stop 10 pounds... :-)

May we each continue on our successful journeys wherever they take us.
Have a Rock Solid weekend.

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