Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back Back Back

Finally HOME YAY!  50.00 bucks poorer and some slot machines in Vicksburg Miss. are very happy... boo...
Did fair with my eating ... the food show was a zoo.. and for a historic town there is no place to eat.. no .. seriously  Waffle House  , Sonic.. .KFC  and a few other places and one fancy and I use that term VERY losely place called Rustys ... none with good choices.. GOOD CHOICES BEING MY KITCHEN... so I made due.. not happy but not sad... glad I am home..
Created my own version of a quissadella tonight... used 2 90 calorie Mission Flour Tortilla,  sauted vidalia onions with spinach and tomatos and red pepper.. and 1/4th teaspoon Olive oil for sauteeing veggies... I made a small amount of veggies.  and I used a little light shredded cheddar cheese too.. I put the veggies on a plate once they were done, then I took one of the tortillas and heated it up placed veggies on top of that sprinkled a little cheese on put the second tortilla on top of that.. flipped it made sure the cheese had melted and  there was my dinner.. fast tasty and made in my kitchen...  So glad to be home.. been up since 3 am... just not able to sleep looking forward to a good sleep and a good work out in the gym as well..
Rock on  ~

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