Saturday, March 3, 2012


SO THE STORMS BLEW THROUGH... BOY ALABAMA HAS BEEN HIT BAD LATELY.. we had a store run on our way to Auburn to see Steve's daughter... WE went in .. the store is in Dadeville Alabama....Steve did his work there... and while  we were there they started boxing up over 150 lunchs for the Power Co.... who was there repairing lines after last nights tornado.. that poor area has been hit 3 times in less than one year... so we stayed and helped box up the lunches... chicken fingers.. chips , bread and a  cookie... The power company reps were grateful... we left when the work was almost done... and moised on up the way... We had a lunch at Earthfare... I tried a curry based soup that was great ... Steve had a wonderful jerk chicken sandwich I had a bite of otherwise my lunch was suckalisicous..I had asian thin noodles cooked in soy ginger and other root spices.. and 3 pieces of grilled thai chile tofu.... the tofu was okay the NOODLES were over salted and it was not just the soy... so bad I could not eat it... not a satisfying lunch at all... came home had a snack... relaxing a bit and tending to the doggies.. then we are going out for dinner to a Indian place we have a Living Social deal for.. the menu has loads of vegetarian and chicken dishes as well.. I know what to avoid.. the coconut milk based meals as well as the butter sauces... and I know what to have... I have planned and am looking forward to a far more satisfiying dinner.  Otherwise its all good..  time to relax a bit...

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