Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I do not know if its funny or sad.. but to give a great example I was  heading out of the gym this morning.. and a lady was in front of me.. in her clicky high heals. .perfect legs.. perfect body.. with her expensive gym bag over her shoulder and her power suit with just the right hint of sexiness was in front of me.. everything was perfect by apperance .. on the other hand you have me who sort of reminds me of a tree stump .. yeah I know that sounds a bit harsh but it seems pinpoint accurate to me.. I am short.. I a large.. I am sturdy... granted I am not rotting out yet.. so I am not a rotting tree stump but a sturdy one.. I do not think if I weighed 90 pounds I would think any different.. I will always be short.. I will never be petite .. I have large bones.. which I am often told plays to my advantage ... meaning i do not have to lose as much weight as a small boned person would in order to look good and be healthier.. I can carry more weight cuz I am sturdy LOL.. sigh.. I thought about my wiggly ankles in those spiked black high heels and I knew that was never a possiblity ... I thought about the fitted power suit and the skirt with the perfect amount of leg showing.. and I thought to myself if she breaks a heel she is going to be in a pissy mood..  she really was not teeter tottering much.. I would have.. she must have strong ankles...  me I have wobbling ankles.. deal with chronic pain and fibromyalgia.. so far it has not killed me or withered my spirit.. I am there almost 5 days a week.. doing what i can to get healthier with out hurting myself....
  I got some great training on some upper body stuff to start incorporating into my exercises today..
I see the bone doc tomorrow at 8am to reeval ... hopefully all will be good..
Still have not braved adding the spinach to my afternoon fruit based smoothie... will attempt to try it soon..

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