Monday, March 12, 2012


Started the day with my usual smoothie..  tasty... 2 hours later I had a bordens string cheese... 2 hours later I had my lunch.. just a baked potato with a little light shredded cheese,  some plain fatfree  yogurt .. 2 hours later I had a  smoothie.. 1 cup trop 50 oj no pulp,  a handful frozen strawberries, a handful of frozen mango, a handful of fresh blackberries.. it was delicious.. for dinner  we are having tomato salad, baked chicken parmesean, ( low fat version)  cauliflower too.. should be tasty..
busy day in the office trying to get prepped for upcoming food shows.. and rainy yuckiness outside..

Looking forward to tomorrow as I am meeting with my trainer to get some new ideas for upper body work out.. since I have just been doing cardio.. thought I would change it up a bit.. yay for changes..
Hope all is right in your world..

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