Friday, March 2, 2012


That is interesting...  I never really think of myself as a person with a eating disorder... I just tend to think of myself as a person who like to eat too much...but I realize that there are many people out there who are obese due to eating disorders... I guess when we think of them we think.. well an eating disorder is primarily like anorexia .. however those of us on the obese side well thats not an issue... for us... it would be compulsive overeating... and  like all disorders there are treatments.. I do not fall into that catagory.. I do not eat because something drives me to it.. and I usually do not eat crazy.. its more over consumption for my height...  anyways if you want check out this site I found.. National Eating Disorders Weeek

 In the last 2 weeks of logging my food I have really learned some basic things I have forgotten.. PORTION CONTROL.. my biggest issue..  This session ( the next 2 weeks) I will be concentrating on getting more water in and PORTION MANAGEMENT.. in two weeks I have gotten, breakfast, snack, lunch , snack  all set.. My dinners flounder though.. I still have issues there with portion control... so I have pulled out the trusty food scale and  will be using it from now on...  my evening snack was out of control too..  I thought I was having a portion but after measuring it I found that if I use a ramkin as opposed to a coffee mug.. that would be the actual portion when measured out for  some dry cereal... 

For the past 3 weeks I have been up between 5 and 530 and at the gym.. I am now up to 7 miles  on the bike.. and burning about 200 calories (whatever that means I really ignore that) .. I keep my heart rate up to about 125 130 .. ( per my doctor) for about 20 of those 35 minutes.. still working towards 45 minutes on the bike.. just depends how agreeable my foot is going to be.. I am going to talk to Jerry to see if I can spice things up a little since I have officially been released from PT for the next 3 months ( will be going back every few months for tweaks and tune ups) .. so I want to sort of mix things up to make it more interesting..

When I am on the bike I am listening .. tooo.. stuff like Rocky theme.. (yeah its a good motivator for me)  then i listen to some black eyes peas,  and some ricky martin just keeps me pumped and working hard.. gotta find some more music to add to that mix too..

Had a great talk with my wonderful husband today he is so proud of me for getting up every morning monday through friday and going to the gym...  I weighed on my scale 2 weeks ago and I was 208 .. ( by the nutritionists scale I was 210 and by my doctors scale I was 207.9)  so I weighed this morning.. another naked weigh since I can not do that at the doc or nutritionist .. I was 202 this morning... but tomorrow is the official weigh at the nutritionists office.. clothed.. so we shall see what it says.. either way I should be in for a loss.. which is good ... anything is good.. but I sure felt good this morning with a reflected loss of about 6 pounds in 2 weeks naked weight.. lol... but I am going to use what her scale says... my scale is for my amusement lol. and encouragement..

When we were talking this morning I said to my husband I do not go to the gym with the idea I am doing this so I can lose weight.. I go.. with the idea tha this is therapy for my pain.. and will make me healthier... the weight loss help is a bonus.. so I am on the right road.. and I like it..
Phase 2.. PORTION CONTROL and more WATER...
its all good!

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