Monday, October 7, 2013


 So its like this you start thinking about things and you realize that we are not all one prescription ... in other words what works for you might not work for me..
I  think this is one of the reasons I love MF   I feel like its more geared to me.. granted the 5 and 1 is more for all of us... .. but when you move into transition and later maintenance  you actually learn what your body needs at a resting rate and what your body needs when YOU ADD more exercise into the mix..
 So if you are very active then your calorie/carb intake is a bit more ...then say someone who is not as active... 

So you get to learn where your body fits...  You are not guaranteed that you will eat 1800 calories once you are finished with the 5 and 1 you have to learn what your body needs to function at  your goal weight... it may be more calories than you thought or it might be less...  I know the focus with MF is not so much calories.. but for me... its much easier to think in that concrete frame  calories and carbs.. scientific numbers.. than  go a different route... its easier... and its nice to know when I am done with the 5 and 1 that the next phase will introduce me to more whole foods...
Never in my life have a actually craved an apple... or fruit for that matter... but now.. I think an apple would be nice at this time of year.. I am on a mission right now.. so when I get to transition I will be looking forward to those new experiences and learning how I can maintain my weight and not be afraid of what I eat..   I am also learning and perfectly okay with serving sizes... learning that a serving size is basically a 4 oz. ramekin ( say of fruit, or pasta for example) is now okay by me... In the old days... a serving size of Pasta was a HUGE BOWL LOADED WITH CHEESE AND SAUCE AND OF COURSE     P  A  S  T   A ... So  now  that has comfortably flipped on me... there is really no food I miss since I know one day it will be worked back into my menu.. in some form... I however have made the decision to keep medifast  a part of my menu once I transition into the other phases... so it will always be with me in some form... for the rest of my life.. it will serve as a reminder of my hard work... and the effort I use to maintain the victory of that hard work...  see the losing part is easy if you can call it easy... the maintaining part is what I am preparing myself for...  I am interviewing people all the time... I watch people all the time..   I think its really cool how there are folks who never had to worry what they eat... and then there are those of us that have to make it happen..

So I am glad I am learning and I am glad I will continue to learn..

For my Monday

down 34.6 pounds... almost out of 170s   

Oh Happy Day!

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