Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I suppose whether you call it a lifestyle change or a diet ... or a plan or a program.. it really does not matter in the long run..  BUT  .. when I start thinking of the term diet the first thing that comes to mind.. is ...  the two definitions of that word... A diet being on a program to lose or gain weight...
Secondly a diet being your eating style.

In the first definition if you Google the word diet   every program under the sun pops up.. and usually the last diet program you googled is in the first 5

Everything from the Paleo diet to  the QUICK AND EASY DIET..  to MIRACLE diet tips... etc etc.. can be found..

I know many people who have made the Paleo commitment and are very happy .. they turned this from a diet into a lifestyle change.. Same with MF ... Same with several other programs...  

It is the folks that simply say I am on a diet I can't eat that that I think about..   " so when I am off the diet and go back to "regular' eating then I can have  whatever..

Oh well I guess we have to choose our own path and views... and my view only works for me if it works for others that's awesome too.

I prefer the second definition myself..  just because it seems to be more in line with how I feel now ...a diet being the way you eat...   ..I was reading where someone felt good about saying no I can not eat that I am on a diet... to me that says ... I wanna fit in my skinny jeans .. give me 2 weeks and then I can have a beer or pizza with you... the question would be are you learning how to eat properly.. are you learning that beer and pizza are on the rarely list... and  healthier choices are what you should fuel your body with .. Going out to dinner should not be an excuse to raid the cooks pantry and kitchen... it should be thought out and a decision made prior to going if possible..  that way its no stress.. you know that instead of the breaded chicken fried steak you are going to have 6 oz of grilled chicken with their house salad and salad dressing on the side and maybe even some grilled broccoli too.. You know you have those options because you called where you were going out to eat and found out your choices.. you did not put yourself in a position where you are not prepared.. Locally I am learning great places for me to  go out and eat with family and friends..  Sometimes I do say no thank you.. ( with out elaboration ) and if I get to pick where we go I pick one of the better choices for me...

For the most part at least for now I choose to eat at home.. its easier.. I know what I am getting ...




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