Monday, October 14, 2013


Weigh day today ...  gained .4 of a pound....  it was not a happy morning for me... but much like life ... we must take bitter with the sweet and realize that the human body will do what it needs to do during this process...  I reviewed my food logs and  realized I did not get all my water in this week... and I skipped 4 meals during the week for various reasons... the  IDEAL SOLUTION to a PROBLEM is figuring out  how the problem might have occurred and developing a plan with out panic or drama... SO with out either panic or drama... this week  features.. making sure all water is in.. No over exercising... ( walking twice a day  once is enough and no walking if I swam that day) ... making sure I get in all my meals on the 5&1 .. I was going to go as low carb as possible on the plan but then I started thinking if 4 out of seven days in the past week I skipped a meal that means I ate under 800 calories that day  which is NOT good.. so rather than restrict myself this week I  wonder if hovering at 1000 would not be better... just to see what happens since I have never done that... and keeping my carbs right at 95-100 rather than 85 or below..  any thoughts would  be appreciated..

I talked with a trainer at the gym and he said he would not train me until I was in maintenance because he feels that for my calorie intake that working out is not in my best interest that alternating between swimming and walking  is much better and less stressful  until I am done with the 5 & 1.    He even suggested if I reach a point where I stop losing to take a month break from medifast ... increase my calorie intake and exercise for that month... so my body can :"  heal" or adjust to the New weight.. then go back on the program for a more accelerated weight loss...don't think I will be doing that but it is a thought down the road...  It seems I do not plateau  I gain .4 of a pound and then drop again... Back in August I went through the same thing... and that time I kept the carbs under 85 and that was all I did.. and the following week I had a 2 pound loss...

Well.. time to button up.. and get on with the week! 

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