Thursday, April 3, 2014


So so far I have tried:

Lean Body for Women -  threw it out

Fit and Full -really like the taste and it stayed with me too,,,

Designer Whey - meh

Truffle Nectar Protein powder - yuck

Natural Protein Powder- yuck

Tera Craving Control Dark Chocolate Whey Powder- 
at first I was pretty excited about this one.. It actually smelld like real cocoa when you opened the packet.  
.not artificial ... It was ok..not too chalky... I was hoping it would stay with me.. But after 30 minutes I was hungry.. So not a good fit for me..

Still have other variations  to try .l so we shall see wth that brand...

I also have the powder version of the lean 25 shake to try ... Will review that in part 2

In other kitchen news  I finally got my Herb Mincer .. love it!! 

Ohh and in case you are looking for a creamy rich yogurt try Dannon Ligt and Fit Greek Yogurt.. Lots of flavors to rock your palate .. 80 calorie 10 gas protein 8-10 carbs... Delicious..

Sme Thursday thoughts:

On Binge Eating :

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