Saturday, April 26, 2014


Fibromyalgia an really be a frustrating syndrome to live with... FMS.. can sometimes totally dominate your life... It is as if you have to plan things.. in a way to see what you will have strength to do.. and inevitabily you have to give up something because your body just simply says FUCK YOU... I am done...  I can't do anymore... and then you have to change your course of action to finish the day .. even though you totally wanted to do other things...  SOMETIMES I JUST GET TIRED OF BEING SO TIRED. AND HURTING... THE HURTING CAN DRIVE ME BONKERS SOMETIMES...  I just sometimes desperately want some relief... and the reality is... there are good days and bad days and when I do a lot in one day ... I wear myself out... 

 Today we rode 200+ miles on the motorcycle.. walked  rocky hills through the Collinsville Flea Market.. had lunch at a BBQ joint..   then came home and washed the Miata and CX9... I wanted to make Stuffed portabellos for dinner tonight... Number  1 I am just not that hungry... and Number two I do not have the energy... I want to go walk tonight to try and get my 10,000 steps in..  Right now I am over  6000...  I can feel my body just straining to continue on... tonight I chose walking over cooking.. ... Steve made some fresh whole wheat bread so for tonight I am going to have apple salad and  a piece of his toast with a ltitle sugar free strawberry jam ... .. I had a pulled pork sandwhich for lunch .. left  half the bun  and ate a good bit of the meat and a few bites of slaw.. still did good... WW wise .. 25 out of my 26 points.. by tonight.. so thats good..  

Will do the Stuffed Portabellos tommorow night...and manage my day a bit better too..

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