Tuesday, August 26, 2014


You are most certainly blessed if you have a four legged friend to share your life with..
Dogs particularly understand. They understand the way each of us should live life..
They don't worry  about yesterday ... or what they might have done better... They don't stress about tomorrow or what bills need to be paid when..  They only focus on one thing... one universally gigantic thing....  THE NOW..   they just focus on the now... the very moment in time... not 2 seconds before or two seconds after.. but the current exact and precise moment they are in.. and that is all..
They don't worry about the doctor's up coming phone call..   They don't worry how the weather is going to be.. they simply just live... whether it is stretched out on the floor  catching a quick snooze.. or barking out the window.. at whatever might seemingly pose a threat.. they simply just are..

 In the last few months.. We have watched as a few friends are battling health crisis's . We also found out last week that our beloved Cookie girl has cancer.. we are still waiting to find out what stage or grade she is at. We are hoping for  grade 1 which is localized and will only require waiting and watching.. ( she had the tumor removed last Wednesday) ... I am in no rush to call the vet and ask if he has heard anything.. time will pass whether I do or do not.. and in this case I choose to wait until he calls us.. why rush potentially bad news.. perhaps I should assume it will be good news.. or just news minus a label...  but the reality is.. She is 10.. and after having over 5 tumors of varying sizes removed.. sooner or later. something is going to happen and one of those awful little markers.. will be a notice that things are winding down for her... 10 is a good number for a pup.. but ten is still a puppy to me... She seems fine.. does not seem in pain other than her usual stuff.. but that lies in the arms of fate right now.. so I will wait.. and enjoy my moments with Cookie... she obviously is... as she lays snoozing with her nose catching the last few rays of the sun that peaks through the slats of the window blinds.

  Sometimes I think striving to " just be"... "Be" in a moment... be right there centered in whatever action is occurring is a very obvious idea.. Something we all should strive to  accomplish.. but have a far harder time doing so, than we could imagine... what with bills, work, family , pressing decisions...  everything weighs down the opportunity to just "BE" ... in a simple moment... nothing backwards.. nothing forwards.. only now..

 I am still holding my own with my weight.. have not gotten on the scale yet this week as we had two dinner engagements that I did indulge in this past weekend... I like the program I am on.. it works for me.. while others tout whole and healthy is the only way to go.. sometimes for folks like me... the MREs  are the easiest thing... and promote less decision making and less stress.. this is week 2 .. as of last week I had lost 3.4 pounds so that was good.. I am sure the scale will eventually make its way under my feet at some point..

Otherwise it is a quiet Tuesday afternoon ...  doing some work... ( taking a break right now)... watching my Cookie and my Shayna  as they snooze peacefully ...

Found a couple old photos of the girls.....


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