Sunday, August 10, 2014


SO as we all know since February I have been in a tug of war with my weight... its been really difficult... I had lost 54 pounds .. and have since gained 10 of that back... This healthier lifestyle is a struggle.. and sometimes you have to go back to the roots of what worked...  Through a sweet Friend Kim Holmes... I have discovered  and on my own I found both offer meal suppliments under 200 calories that are great tasting...  I did great on medifast and just do not want to go that route again so I am opting for similiar with the same benifits.. I will be staying in the 1000 to 1200 calorie range.. modifying my carbs and sugars...  I seem to do WELL with controlled meal suppliments .. this way I do not have to think .. about ANYTHING  just go grab a bar or shake or chips or whatever and that mini meal is done.. each meal will be under 200 calories.. I will go back to the 6 smalls a day.. 4-5 suppliments and 1 healthy meal in the evening...  what I liked about what I am creating is that you can do this .. and still supliment a serving of fruit for a meal if you want... ( nutmegstatenutrition lays out a program for you online.. very similiar in many aspects to medifast.... I will say these suppliments are amazing quality and delicous.. I am also using quest bars and chips as well... both are in the right guidlines..  financially its about half the price.. so I liked that too and there is a lot of vairety .. more than I probably will try .. I start Tuesday .. waiting for all the packages to get in.. I look forward to keeping you up to date on my progress as I get this new ball rolling... YeaH i know I have recommited .. triple commited  etc in the last few months.. nothing stuck... its just the way it goes I guess... I think going to what works for me might be a good idea..

SO let me tell you about my friend Kim...  I really enjoying getting together with her when we can.. she sells me my Mary Kay products... oh before you groan.... MK  is not the MK of your mothers day ... the products are current and great..I have known Kim for about 16 years... We worked together  is how we met.. I have watched Kim just Blossom over the last few years and when she became her own boss she just took off... and it shows in her... and on her.. She looks wonderful..  and she looks that way because she is happy... She works hard and has created a great and exciting business.. that gets her clients  ( like myself)  excited too.. I always feel so good after our visits.. during our last visit she told me about the program she was on and the products ... and which ones she liked... She has always had to keep an eye on her weight   like me.. and  tried a lot of different things.. .. She has found success with meal suppliments as well.. so it  doubly made me feel good when we talked.. .

One thing I have learned is that it pays to talk to your friends.. when you want to change... when you want to enhance your life...our friends are our greatest advisors and  helpers..a superlative resource!

Have a great week...

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