Saturday, September 14, 2013


I love to Peruse the see what others are up too.. Get recipe ideas. and tips to keep me motivated..
I also find it interesting when people talk about pushing the limits of MF or having a cheat day. My question is... What is that persons mindset??? me MF is not a diet. But a tool to get to where I am going that is teaching me how to eat whole and healthy along the way... I. E. our L&G meals...eventually leaving me with the knowledge to maintain what I have achieved...that's my perspective.. 
I don't understand why you would invest all of this time and money in yourself and not want to get everything you possibly can get from the tools provided.. Seems there are folks who want to play the system rather than follow the  guidelines to reach a goal... I guess I am being a bit harsh and judgmental ... I just have a hard time understanding that... I guess it all boils down to how you view your journey.. 4 seconds of taste vs LIFE or for now ..A LIFELONG GOAL to be at a healthy weight and maintain it... At least that's MY take on MF.
I know it's not easy.. I fight the battle everyday being in the food business. I just think that while on the 5 and 1 you really must be true to yourself to get the best benefit... 

the only issue I get into is some times I accidently over do the condiments so I really have to be tight on that... ... and I too have to get out of the I can not have this.. or is not OP... I must work on....  My self talk still...Honi -this is my choice.. and simply  say no thank you.... I get a lot of.. hey ... will you ever be able to eat normal again??? or you are going to be so screwed when you get off your program... ?? 
Wwell.. here is my reality .. MF will be a part of my life in some form for the rest of my life.. I will probably use the bars , puddings , pancakes and a few other things as meal replacements and snacks... ( my local nutritionist thought that to be a good idea for lunch and snacks and to incorporate that into a healthy food plan... ) ..does that mean I will never eat a bite of ice cream or cake or pizza again.. absolutely not..I am sure for a special occassion or an occasional treat I will indulge... what it means.. is that if I choose to indulge... I will have to do a couple things... Up my exercise, up my water, and watch the carbs for a few days... but those events are well after my  goal is reached ..and I am learning plans for those times... So I still have a lot to do... to me there are no gaps where I can have a cheat day or cheat meal... During the weight loss phase of MF ... there is no such thing... Being in the kitchen and learning new recipes to be inventive and creative to me is theraputic in my learning to be healthier .. so needing those "cheat meals is not an option .. At least for me...

Stepping off soapbox now...

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