Tuesday, September 10, 2013


This is just to give you an idea of what our shows are like.. This is a holiday show too so it's big.. Down on other aisles you will find  fried chicken, sausage sandwiches, fresh coffee, sodas ( the good thing is that cokes booth is down from ours so I get all the diet coke I want.. If needed. Otherwise it's my water propel zero and bars, pretzels and cereal..  The grease smell looms heavy around us, fried fish, Mac and cheese and a host of processed choices..if I turn around bread pudding is under warming lamps...people walk by with a assortment of sweets or sandwiches munching contently as they order product for their  stores.. Hamburgers.. Pizzas and so forth ...breads hotdogs.. Way down one aisle is produce...apples onions.. Bagged salads...dressings... Then grocery items... Cookies chips, bacon. Chicken ...  Everybody is frying and warming away... And so the day begins... My cooler is loaded and by my side ...I am content but partly envious..it is not easy .. I know my path but am so overstimulated from the swirling smells and visuals... I do not crave it or want it ..it is just ...  I miss grabbing mini muffins cookies cakes pizza ...whatever I want... It's a reign on freedom of choice... Of choice .....my choice... My four seconds of taste vs. my life....MY LIFE WINS AGAIN!!!!😀
Where I sit...

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  1. Lordy Lordy Lordy (as my Grandma used to say)! And you resisted this? Wonderful!