Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Pudding thoughts:
Add 1 wedge laughing cow cheese( softened in microwave ) to pudding( mix chocolate pudding as directed whisk in wedge or use light cream cheese 1 tablespoon whisk well .. I
Use little square containers and just got Popsicle molds to add pudding mixture too freeze and enjoy its kinda like chocolate cheesecake ice cream .
 Another tasty treat no photos yet sorry... Is for left over cauliflower mash
And your Mac and cheese mf meal.. Make
Mf as directed.. Then and 1/2 cup of cauliflower mash to it mi well add a little shredded cheese pour into a ramkin or 10 oz baking dish and bake until
Cheese is melty you
Also add a round of laughing cow baby bel cheese light.. Too. Just chop it up.. Bake until melty..

Also get a portebello mushroom cap or two brush with a little balsamic vinegarette dressing bake in oven until heated through  at 375 don't burn .. Mix half cup egg beaters with a sprinkle of shredded 
Cheddar .. Sautée up a little onion garlic mushroom pepper and add a little spinach or
What ever you
want ... the key is chop up tiny .. To a raw amount of half a cup.. add a little tomato if you want.. Chop fine .. Sautée up add veggies to cheese and egg mixture season.. I use Greek
Seasoning..I also add a little morning star farms spicy Italian sausage patty to finish lean off  Stuff mushroom cap.. Sprinkle a little more cheese serve with one cup green and you  have a good meal  there is ample stuffing so overstuff .. It's very filling ..
 Love some fresh peppers

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