Monday, September 23, 2013


What exactly is progress????  Is it the 29.4 pounds I have lost so far...the 44.4 I have to go???
Is progress the pounds you loss on a scale?   Well  technically ...yes.. But is this the only device we can measure progress by????
If you keep up with your inches... That's a sign of progress too of course...
The way your your clothes fell is a sign as well...
However, these are only physical signs.. What about the deeper signs of progress?
Like the ability to accept you are succeeding..?. 
Are you mentally progressing too??
Are you thinking about transition as each week you get closer to your goal???
Are you learning what you will need to do to start towards maintaining your goal once you get there?
When  you reach goal and then your weight starts coming back .. You must know its because you decided to go back to your worst habits...instead of committing to yourself that it all must change..that to me is the hardest part of this or any assistive weight loss program the reality that you can never go back to morbidly obese or obese land .. And the only way to control this is to change permanently your thought processes about food.. It dogs not mean you can not eat again.. It means you just have to think about it... The reality will never be a free healthy person is... Healthy  more fit people.. Exercise .. Chose what  they eat.. Indulge occasionally ..and they pay attention to how they fuel their bodies...
I have learned this via TSFL.. OF course I really knew this because it is common sense as well.
I pray every day for strength through out this journey.. Because I don't want to go down this path another time...I want to build walls with each pound I lose..walls of integrity..and strength..that there is no turning back only moving forward.. And no matter what triumph or tragedy comes my way .. That food is not the prize or blanket to fix any sadness or perpetuate any joy... I live in a food culture both by my livelihood and learning to adapt to these lifelong challenges will be my task to work through... One I have no doubt I will master for the alternative just does not work any more...

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