Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to life

Wow had a great great time with my family.. lots and lots of fun over 100 people.. just a total great time..
My eating could have been better but since Monday I have been back on track... so no complaints there..

I do have a few irritable issues ... I have to go down to our semi non functioning court house ( not sure which one to go to) and get a handicap placard .. yep the doctor wants me to take advantage of that... and walk to live but not walk to exercise.. he said the less I do the better chance my foot has at healing and now with the other one blown ( YEA SUCKS TO BE ME) ... I have to get extremely serious with taking care of myself... so the left foot is braced the right foot just has the new help it... the pool is my savior 3 times a week now.. and going to start PT next week ... so its all good...
Nothing much to report I vacillate from doing the shakes to food keeping the calorie count the same.. that way my body does not get used to one or the other.....
Well back to work for me.. hope all is right in your world..
here is 1/4th of my family...
                                                     ANN , STEVE and             ME...

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  1. Sucks on the feet! :( Glad you had a good good time at the get together. :)

    Thank you so much for what you said. It's something along the lines what I've been telling me. You're right the crap needs to be stopped. Getting help here soon - hopefully. I'm trying to find a good counselor who can help me set good boundaries and stop the cycle of insanity. I know it's not exactly the best scenario but it's a start.

    On a good note all my labs came back according to the doc "stone cold fox" ... rotfl. Blood pressure was 114/60 and sugar was 95. And amazingly my thyroid numbers weren't way way out of whack (as I had feared). You are right, though, my body is speaking to me loudly!

    As for my mom, you know the fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf? Eventually the villagers stopped responding and no one was there to help when he really needed it. ;-) This crying wolf game I've had enough of! End of story.

    Thank you for reaching out to me.