Wednesday, August 31, 2011


what an original title.. ha..

well.. life is good... and  i am not going to use capital letters in the post because... welll I can....
i have some great news... which actually calls for capital letters.... I AM DOWN A FULL PANTS SIZE whOOOO HOOOO!!... i thought it was fluke.. you know how sometimes you can buy your regular size and  for some resason the pants are made wrong and they are too big or something.. well i bought another new pair in my regular size and guess what???????   TOOOO BIG... i mean bagbutt... so I got a new pair today one size day yay.. i look forward to dropping several more sizes as the adventure continues...

will be posting some info on new products soon as I try them.. I read about some new breakfast rolls from Hungry Girl  from Thomas.. will let you know if they are any good.. sounds great for a a brunch or something..
Anyways time to go bathe the doggies..

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