Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Thats the name of the new shake or protein energy drink I have been using.. and I am settling on Primarily this shake and the BL shake  for a back up when I am waiting on a shipment to arrive. Its much more economical to purchase this online than in the store and I purchased a twelve pack through Amazon the other day.  I also found it at Whole Foods as well and bought several of them to see me through until I get them delivered. I drink half in the early AM and then around 1030 I have the other half.. then around 1230 I have lunch.. it might be a WW or Lean Cuisine meal or I might do another a biggest Loser Shake.. or something else just depending on what my resources are... and then a bar 2 hours later  ( I wish SVELTE had a bar too )  and some fresh fruit or raw veggies..  Dinner is lean and green... chicken and veggies or  fish and veggies.. red meat occassionally ..My own plan seems to be working for me.. 

I can only imagine how things would be if I could exercise more... however for now this is what it is and thats okay... I had my first Physical Terrorist experience in a while yesterday .. oops I mean Physical Therapy... PT worked on the left food A LOT and then I had to do 10 minutes of hellish icegell therapy .. the first 3 minutes were murderous.. but the next 7 my foot was numb.. Foot did well yesterday too... so thats good.. well I have my magic shoe on.. and Hopefully next month the Xrays will reveal some improvement and I will get an idea how long MY Forrest Gump brace will accompany me... 

Now back to the shake or drink.. I love the fact that it is sweetened naturally no sucrolose and no maltitol or sorbitol that totally does not agree with me.. 
 I was totally against the shake way of thinking for years... I mean years ... not just because of the maltitol and artificial sweeteners.. but because I thought there was no way a shake was going to hold me or fill me up.. BOY was  I wrong.. 
the nutritinals  on Hello Beautiful Drinks are higher than many

 260 calories for 15.9 ounces of drink
5-8 grams of fiber depending on the flavor
16 grams of protein per each container. 
1 container is a serving.

 As I said before I split it so its my breakfast and morning snack I can not finish it in one sitting at all..
 out of all  the shakes I have tried so far this is the creamiest, least after tasting one of them.
I still rank the BL shake as good.. but you still get 11 ounces and only 10 grams of protein with that particular shake..   Svelte brand seems to do the trick. 

Other wise it is work as usual.. and things are fairly quiet in my world...

Although I did have an interesting experience rather uhmm.. lets see how can I say this... VICARIOUSLY I guess...  there was a reunion  of the class of 1981 30 years to be exact... now I did not graduate with this group at all.. In fact I was still in board school and graduated in 1982 in class of 14..
I grew up in a priveleged safe haven community... nicknamed the TINY KINGDOM.... 
I was kid who really never fit in and felt more at home with adults than kids ... when I eventually made my way to the high school it was divided into groups .. the smokers, the freaks, the geeks, (or nerds back then) ... the Brookies ( the prep set)  and the kids like me who fit no where.. the kids who got to the school really early to avoid the boys who would stand at the door and bark  as you walked in  to face another hell day... on a positive note I was friendly with the older kids and  (with in two months I knew I was going to boarding school and would  be held back a year) would skip school in the afternoon.. they would let me hitch a ride with them to where ever and home.. I was lucky... the school never paid attention to what I did.. and I really was relieved to be out of there.. by high school I really was not teased too much.. there were a few incidents... like the guy who asked me for a date in from of the whole class as a joke... and then roughly 5 years later I run into in a class at the local college and he is acting like he is my best friend.. I only remember the not so nice guy.. so I ask him what he wanted from me... I told him how I remember him.. and he said  hey we all grow up .. and I am sorry if I hurt you.. and then he aske me to be his lab partner...  I forgave him...but it has always stayed with me.. just like the kids in jr high that pushed me off the school bus... about a mile away from my house...etc etc... etc... those memories still sit there.. and I have come to terms with them and if I see the perps of the events.. I just usually ignore them or pretend I do not recognize them...several of them said the exact same thing.. well it does not matter that you did not graduate with us.. you are still  part of us... oddly I never felt that way during that time...
So it was weird when this reunion came up and I ran into some of those people and they asked me if I was going to be at the parties and I had to remind them I did not graduate with them.. they were shocked... as if they did not know I was not there and I suppose when you have a class of over 300 kids that can happen... Anyhow it was interesting.. to see how people changed or not...I perused photos from all the events online..
Mostly I am thankful I was not there.. I am glad the way my life turned out.. and enjoy my daily blessings... I am thankful that my folks were able to send me to boarding school.. and I am thankful I graduated in a class of 14 and got a taste of the real world at 16 years old.. I am glad I was able to be reshaped and learn how people can really treat you... I am thankful for every life experience I  have had be they bad or good... 
Well am off to face the day..
Hope yours is great!

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