Friday, August 5, 2011


I am in love with protein shakes now the BL shake is the best its premade and tasty like a yoohoo ... why must I assume there must be something better out there.. so I go on a persistant hunt, for example today I will be going to GNC and WHOLE FOODS to see if there are better shakes.. I tried one from publix Designer Whey.... eck... not good...
I irritate myself trying to find the next new and best thing... I hate that.. I like the BL shakes so why on earth is that not enough for  me ... shesh I wear me out.. glad I am not like with when it comes to electronics or cars... .what I got works and I am happy ... I can wait on that stuff..
When I set my sights on something.. it has to be that ..and no variations.. no compromise at all.. ( just ask the car dealership..I knew what I wanted.. how I wanted it.. and the color .. and you can bet your sweet bippy ( whatever a bippy is) that I got it my way....
When we go out to eat.. I want it my way too.. no compromise ( just ask the husband) ... I don't mean to embarrass anyone but when I say grilled onions I do not mean raw... its just the way it is..
I  try and be flexible and about a lot of things I am .. but  somethings.. there is a no bend policy that I adhere too..
Do you have things you are not flexible about .. or do you find something then always want to find the next step up?
Have a  great weekend!

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