Thursday, August 4, 2011


The heat here has been ridiculous... just take your breath away convection oven type stuff... we had some huge thunder storms burst in this morning so at least today it will stay in the mid 90s and not go over 100 hopefully the heat index will stay down a bit too.. 
The heat can play a huge toll on a person with Fibro.. it will wear you it totally.. I work hard to get everything done before 3 pm because that seems to be my crashing time lately... 
Taking no meds to speak of now.. its an effort to deal with the pain solo .. no advil no nothing now... a few stray tylenol extra strength every so often is all I do now.. 
Tried a new shake today .. Designer Whey  Chocolate... pre made.. sucked sucked sucked.. 18 grams protein though... I prefer the  BL shakes much better tasting.. and stays with me longer for some odd reason..its only 10 grams of protein... 
For lunch I am having a morning star Pizza and basil flavored burger (120 calories) on a bun ... and will make tuna fish salad for dinner  on a bed of fresh romain and tomatoes with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.. yum... ohh and of course some yummy watermelon too.. 
Not swimming today but cleaning house.. will be interesting to see how I do next week with 5 days a week at the gym 2 of intensive PT and 3 of swimming... would give anything to be in less pain and hopefully soon that will happen..  
Well I am still researching new pre made shakes.. to see if I like anything out there... I am not opposed to making my own shakes either...just want to find something that tastes decent the one from the morning was nasty.. lol... oh well..
Am off to work  some more then to clean the house Ohhhh Joy of my life lol...
Have a remarkable day!

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