Friday, August 12, 2011

Shake up Friday

Sipping my breakfast down ( actually snack now) .. and getting ready to wrap up things at the office... get the handicap placard for my car so I can shop a little easier with out parking too far away... less steps outside easier shopping inside..I have mixed feelings about it... but the doctor gave on my insistence or rather he realized he was not going to win when it came to me riding in the carts at the store.. NO WAY IN HELL WILL  I ever do that.. nor will I do the wheel chair either.. However I did concide to using a wheel chair at Disney after many people convinced me that  if I used the chair we would get up to the front of the line and go for our ride or whatever quicker. ( I think that plays to their advantage too  :-)  ) . and I concided to it in the airport as well when we go in Oct..but NO CARTS ever...  I may walk slow and the brace may be a hinderence but I will take my time and get  things done my way...

Otherwise its almost the weekend here.. and I am ready...  
after the courthouse we are  going to Costco to pick up some Tuna fish (cans) one of their wonderful Rotesserie Chickens,  Salmon, and a few other odds and ends.. 
Have a great weekend~

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  1. I agree! We may be slow, but we get it done!!! :D Yay for the weekend!!!