Tuesday, August 16, 2011


APPARENTLY when I make my mind up even I do not realize sometimes how serious I am ... what i mean is.. in 16 days I have lost 6.4 pounds.. which may not seem great to you.. but to me... that is amazing.. considering my exercise is so limited right now.. Imagine if I could work out now with what I am eating I would have doubled that I bet... oh well.. I can dream.. never the less I am anticpating another 6-10 pounds by the end of the month.. at this rate..which if I lost 12-16 pounds in one month.. I think my doctor would flip .. LOL lord knows I am ... On one hand I am so mad I never tried anything like this.. and on the other... hand I guess things have a way of working out... for the best... I still have been vascilating on two shakes a day.. just feel I need the food twice a day instead of once... I know I could do twice as much if I had the two shakes maybe.. but I just do not want to allow myself any excuses with our busy season ambling upon us right now... I dont want leways.. or outs... I want a plan that works for me.. and this does... Shake in the a.m.  light lunch ... light dinner two snacks...  ( fruit or bar based and a protein if I am just having fruit)... and  little dessert ( skinny cow bar or Vitamuffin top or brownie for dessert) that usually plans my day... 
Well things are hectic here and  time for me to get back to work.... check out this link to Morningstar Farms..
Going Veggie might not be so bad...MORNING STAR FARMS


  1. If I get the chance, can I smack you in the head, just once please... So happy the light bulb came on..

  2. you bet... like I said.. when I get to feeling bad I read one of your posts and it really helps me by getting me smiling and thinking this guy gets it and lives it.. and if he can do it in his business I can do it in my business.. no excuses..