Sunday, August 18, 2013


Why does dress or pant size matter? 
Why is  size 0-5 so important ? 
Why is the focus a tight ass and a flat stomach ? 
Why is success equal to obsession when it comes to being fit???
Why are goals met by fitting into your "Skinny Jeans"???

Why can't a goal be good health?
Why can't your cholesterol or blood pressure matter??
Why can't feeling good matter? 
Why must people measure themselves by unreasonable goals and then fall apart when they could not attain them? 
Where is the realistic ???

Each person decides what his or
Goal is I understand that..  But I think liveable and happy is important that's my
Goal.. I don't think I will ever worry about being a size 0-5 .... I have never been those sizes .. For me it's the
Journey along the way and the things I am learning that are important.. 
What brought these questions to mine was reading blogs geared to weight loss and motivational quotes so many were about this size or that size .. Not one talked about good health
Feeling satisfied... And happy...
Want to
Understand those needs ..

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