Saturday, August 10, 2013


SO Tomorrow I have a baby shower to go to.. It will be the first "event" I have had to go to since I started... the good news is... One of the Hostesses is on MF too.. .. I am going to bring a bar.. bring my water and bring my camera.. I figure busy will be my word for the party... .. so I do not anticipate any issues food wise... Clothes wise is another story.... my nicer clothes are all too big... so I am just going to wear black jeans and a nice top... best I can do...  ... 

Food Show in September is  making me a little nervous.. actually I have two ... The first show I should be okay .. packing a cooler with water and meal options... the second show  I am really hoping I can go with my husband... ( my support system)   but if I can't I will just suck it up... thats not until the end of September so I am moving that off the worry list for now.. the First show is early September so its kinda of on the worry list but the reality is as long as I am prepared I should be fine... I will post photos so you can see what my enviroment is like for 2 days... then you might have an idea of the challenges I sometimes face.. 

In the old ways.. it was no big deal for me to sample pizza 3 or 8 times at a show... not to mention muffins, cookies,   fried catfish.. and an assortment of things my body did not really need for fuel... 

In the new ways its whats in the cooler and thats it ..

Tuesday is test day so .. say  a prayer for me please.... echo and stress test... I hope things are okay.. my doctor is not anticpating any issues at all... so hopefully things will be fine.. 

Other wise its been a nice weekend.. looking forward to the baby shower tomorrow... and then spending the rest of Sunday with my sweet Husband <3

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