Monday, February 20, 2012


IF THIS WERE REALLY TRUE  and I do not doubt that  iin some way it might  be true.... how nice it would be  EAT YOUR CAKE AND LOSE WEIGHT  oh and here is more .. uhm  food for thought....
These theories are shaking up the diet industry .. I have often talked about Fork over Knives..  ( check it out on the internet if you have not seen it...FORKS OVER KNIVES  anyways one of the doctors featured in the documentary is Dr. John Mcdougall..   here is his lastest book that  will be out in May... I think a lot of people will be freaked out by this info.. especially those who are huge Adkin's believers.. etc...  Dr. John McDougall    check his website out... We are not ready to be Vegans yet.. so we try to stick to a more plant based diet .. and  meats are smaller portions..

GOT UP this am.. did the gym... had my breakfast ( Carnation NSA  Essentials premade shake)   .. we went chinese for lunch I ate chicken and veggies.. was not super hungry so I did not eat too much.. Tonite we are creating Chicken with Zuchini and bowtie pasta in a light tomato sauce... its more of a summer dish but I like how easy it is to make..  here is the link to the recipe  SHRIMP WITH ZUCHINI AND BOWTIE PASTA


 I have become a huge fan of  arugala and chopping up all types of veggies to make a rockin' salad... might pair that with dinner tonight or save it for tomorrow night.. so Yum...

Staying in the 1200 to 1300 range... don't feel that comfortable with the exta 100 calories but I am trying to stick to the test results and see what happens.. if I keep feeling this way I am going to ask them to revise things a little and ..  just keep it at between 1100 and 1200..

Hope Monday is treating you well...

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