Friday, February 24, 2012


It is always good to do positive changes... .  When I go to the gym which is now 5 day  a week.. .or 3 days if I am going to PT as well... because I exercise in PT as well.. bike  etc...   I strive for better goals each time... Yesterday at the gym .. I had a great work out.. everything was in my favor..  7 miles,  great on rpms and heart rate up for over 20 minutes as well as increasing my time by 5 minutes.. 35 minutes now.. Eventually I will be riding the bike 45 -60 minutes..   Doing more stretching and yoga style moves to help with my balance issues and build strength in core muscles..  I feel pretty good.. have had some pain issues.. but we did some new therapies today and I feel a bit better... All in all its great...
I am enjoyng my Oster sports blender.. made a  great smoothie for breakfast... 195 calories of pure goodness... good alternative to the premade shakes~

In other news.. life is good.. and happy its Friday!


  1. Dude! Can you do veggies in here as well? I am seriously considering buying a juicer so I can throw in spinach, carrots, and beets but don't want to blow my wad on a huge machine if you know of something that would work equally as well. I don't want to do just fruit smoothies.

    1. I would think you could I put frozen fruit in it with my chic soy milk and protein powder so I would think veggies oils work.. But it just a blender not a
      Juicer get it at Walmart if u don't like it u can take it back.